2015 Annual Board Meeting Minutes


November 2015


Nov. 04, 2015

Start Time

6:30 PM



7:20 PM


Marlisa - President
Corey - Treasurer
Lacey - Secretary
In Attendance:
Marlisa Moschella
Corey Miller
Lacey Selman
Justin Vadell
Tina Povacz


  • Board
    • Discussion:
      • There is a distinction between the officers and council.
      • Council includes active members
      • Board includes both council members and officers.
    • Action:
      • Will be voting on the board at the end of the meeting.
  • Additions in 2015:
    • Dog Day Afternoon
    • Discussion:
      • Started planning last year in October
      • Need to begin planning now
      • We raised over 5K
      • We had over 300 people and 186 dogs.
      • Sponsors – make a huge difference when we try to get more sponsors.
      • VSEC: is a big sponsor
        • They donated $1000 and the new billboard.
        • They are going to be giving an annual donation.
        • This donation has already been incorporated into the budget.
        • Docs + Dogs was another great event; Scott from VSEC would like to continue to have these types of events.
        • Pet CPR + Nutrient event went well as well and we will continue these types of event.
        • We need to make better use of the signs.
      • Dog Day Afternoon 2016:
        • May 15, 2016
        • It should not fall on the same weekend as the PAWs event
        • Adoptions were okay; they weren’t too popular
        • Event was a trial run and it went well
        • We can get this event to be much bigger since we have such a social media presence.
    • Social Media
      • We have set up pool parties, clean ups and other fun events this year.
      • Facebook has helped us to reach out to a bigger crowd.
      • People are now beginning to post their own pictures and videos to the Facebook page.
    • Lights:
      • There are new lights around the fence.
      • We plan to incorporate new ones as time goes on.
      • They cost about 23 per pack.
    • Signs
      • There are new signs up!
      • Who has seen the new signs?
      • They are now consistent with all the other dog parks in the area
      • They are also clear on the rules of the dog park.
  • Financial Summary
    • Discussion:
      • Our fiscal year is from September 1 to August 30
      • All fundraising was from dog day afternoon
      • $2700 in corporate donations
      • $2000 in door sales
      • $300 from the dog wash
      • $600 from vendors
      • $800 in raffles
      • $150 from doggy style
      • All money for promo and marketing were from donations
      • Our biggest fee this year was the IRS filling fee for 501(c)(3) status.
        • Donations are now deductible!
  • Bylaws and Amendments
    • Discussion:
      • Changed wording + documents for operations
      • If dissolved we needed to get organizations that would take our money since we are a charitable organization.
      • Please see powerpoint for changes.
  • 2016:
    • Discussion:
      • We would like to start a wish list.
        • It will include what we need
          • Right now that includes – more hoses, wheelbarrow and a possible park during renovations.
          • We need a possible segregated area for dogs and temporary fencing
      • Home depot will now give donations.
        • May be able to get donations for mesh and fencing for dog park during renovations
      • We need more park clean ups.
        • Will plan the next one for the same time as Love Your Park; More info coming
      • Meetings – we need more community awareness


  • Ilene Wilder: Dog Park renovations
    • Begins spring 2017
      • It should take about 18 months; maybe longer.
    • Large park will be done first; dog park should be done last
      • They will bring in those on the ground to help out logistics
    • An engineering company was brought in for the designs
    • A small dog entrance and a big dog entrance will be done
    • Issues with park – we will need signs when we move during the renovation
    • We need to put up bag holders everywhere since some people do not pick up after their dogs.
  • Love your Park:
    • November 14 columbus square park will be doing a park wide clean up
    • Will we be involved?
    • There will be an after party at devils den once the cleanup is over
    • Clean up is from 9 am to 1pm.

New Business

  • Dog Day Date 2016
    • Yes: 11
    • No: 0
    • Abstain: 0
  • Bylaws Vote: Bylaws will be changed.
    • Yes: 11
    • No: 0
    • Abstain: 0
  • Bank Accounts:
    • We are with wells fargo à we would like to stop using wells fargo
    • We could go to PFCU, American Heritage, Conestoga bank
    • Corey will call banks; Lars will make a list
    • We need a new bank from New Years
  • South Philly High
    • Use as a permeant dog park
    • They wanted logistical support
    • Help getting them off their feet
    • Get in touch with them to spearhead support
    • La Boc will be opening a dog park

Next Meeting: Friday Nov 20, 2015 7:00 pm