Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon 2017
Dog Day Afternoon 2017
2016 Dog Day Afternoon
2016 Dog Day Afternoon

Thank you all for making Philadelphia’s first ever Dog Day Afternoon a great success. On Sunday, May 17th, over 250 people and 31 community businesses came out to show their support for the revitalization of the Columbus Square Dog Park, all in spite of the rain. With the help of our community and sponsors, SPADO will donate nearly $5,000 directly to our park’s renovation, just from this one event.

With donations valuing well over $7,000 SPADO’s Dog Day Afternoon demonstrated the community’s strong interest in creating a safe environment for dogs, their owners, and friends.

Thank you everyone that came out in support.

–(SPADO) South Philadelphia Association of Dog Owners

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And please remember our Sponsors:

  • VSEC
  • The Photobot 3000
  • Leah Milito of Space and Co
  • Happy Tails
  • Lucky 13
  • Companion Animal Hospital
  • So Phetch

2015 Annual Board Meeting Minutes


November 2015


Nov. 04, 2015

Start Time

6:30 PM



7:20 PM


Marlisa - President
Corey - Treasurer
Lacey - Secretary
In Attendance:
Marlisa Moschella
Corey Miller
Lacey Selman
Justin Vadell
Tina Povacz


  • Board
    • Discussion:
      • There is a distinction between the officers and council.
      • Council includes active members
      • Board includes both council members and officers.
    • Action:
      • Will be voting on the board at the end of the meeting.
  • Additions in 2015:
    • Dog Day Afternoon
    • Discussion:
      • Started planning last year in October
      • Need to begin planning now
      • We raised over 5K
      • We had over 300 people and 186 dogs.
      • Sponsors – make a huge difference when we try to get more sponsors.
      • VSEC: is a big sponsor
        • They donated $1000 and the new billboard.
        • They are going to be giving an annual donation.
        • This donation has already been incorporated into the budget.
        • Docs + Dogs was another great event; Scott from VSEC would like to continue to have these types of events.
        • Pet CPR + Nutrient event went well as well and we will continue these types of event.
        • We need to make better use of the signs.
      • Dog Day Afternoon 2016:
        • May 15, 2016
        • It should not fall on the same weekend as the PAWs event
        • Adoptions were okay; they weren’t too popular
        • Event was a trial run and it went well
        • We can get this event to be much bigger since we have such a social media presence.
    • Social Media
      • We have set up pool parties, clean ups and other fun events this year.
      • Facebook has helped us to reach out to a bigger crowd.
      • People are now beginning to post their own pictures and videos to the Facebook page.
    • Lights:
      • There are new lights around the fence.
      • We plan to incorporate new ones as time goes on.
      • They cost about 23 per pack.
    • Signs
      • There are new signs up!
      • Who has seen the new signs?
      • They are now consistent with all the other dog parks in the area
      • They are also clear on the rules of the dog park.
  • Financial Summary
    • Discussion:
      • Our fiscal year is from September 1 to August 30
      • All fundraising was from dog day afternoon
      • $2700 in corporate donations
      • $2000 in door sales
      • $300 from the dog wash
      • $600 from vendors
      • $800 in raffles
      • $150 from doggy style
      • All money for promo and marketing were from donations
      • Our biggest fee this year was the IRS filling fee for 501(c)(3) status.
        • Donations are now deductible!
  • Bylaws and Amendments
    • Discussion:
      • Changed wording + documents for operations
      • If dissolved we needed to get organizations that would take our money since we are a charitable organization.
      • Please see powerpoint for changes.
  • 2016:
    • Discussion:
      • We would like to start a wish list.
        • It will include what we need
          • Right now that includes – more hoses, wheelbarrow and a possible park during renovations.
          • We need a possible segregated area for dogs and temporary fencing
      • Home depot will now give donations.
        • May be able to get donations for mesh and fencing for dog park during renovations
      • We need more park clean ups.
        • Will plan the next one for the same time as Love Your Park; More info coming
      • Meetings – we need more community awareness


  • Ilene Wilder: Dog Park renovations
    • Begins spring 2017
      • It should take about 18 months; maybe longer.
    • Large park will be done first; dog park should be done last
      • They will bring in those on the ground to help out logistics
    • An engineering company was brought in for the designs
    • A small dog entrance and a big dog entrance will be done
    • Issues with park – we will need signs when we move during the renovation
    • We need to put up bag holders everywhere since some people do not pick up after their dogs.
  • Love your Park:
    • November 14 columbus square park will be doing a park wide clean up
    • Will we be involved?
    • There will be an after party at devils den once the cleanup is over
    • Clean up is from 9 am to 1pm.

New Business

  • Dog Day Date 2016
    • Yes: 11
    • No: 0
    • Abstain: 0
  • Bylaws Vote: Bylaws will be changed.
    • Yes: 11
    • No: 0
    • Abstain: 0
  • Bank Accounts:
    • We are with wells fargo à we would like to stop using wells fargo
    • We could go to PFCU, American Heritage, Conestoga bank
    • Corey will call banks; Lars will make a list
    • We need a new bank from New Years
  • South Philly High
    • Use as a permeant dog park
    • They wanted logistical support
    • Help getting them off their feet
    • Get in touch with them to spearhead support
    • La Boc will be opening a dog park

Next Meeting: Friday Nov 20, 2015 7:00 pm


The South Philadelphia Association of Dog Owners (SPADO) is a non profit organization dedicated to the maintenance and growth of the dog park at Columbus square. We are a group devoted to creating a safe and healthy environment for dogs and owners to exercise, fraternize, and build community through civic engagement.

The park can be found at the corner of 12th and Reed streets.


Your donations are what keep the SPADO dog park going. We rely on the help of the community to fund cleanups and repairs. Donations to SPADO are tax deductible, so please take a moment to contribute. We appreciate your support!
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